Lisa Appleton ass shows bare bum as she takes out the bins in a Santa hat after wild Christmas party

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After inviting her friends round for a festive knees up, Lisa spent Boxing Day cleaning her temporary accommodation.

LISA Appleton bared her bum as she was pictured taking the bins out on Boxing Day following a wild party the night before.

The 50-year-old Big Brother star was pictured in a lace negligee and a Santa hat as she started clearing up her temporary accommodation.

Lisa Appleton bared her bum as she was pictured taking out her bins on Boxing Day

Lisa grinned as she spotted the cameras and showed her bum to the photographer as she wheeled her bin out to the front of the property.

She’s recently returned from a holiday in Thailand where she underwent a face lift.

It wasn’t the most relaxing holiday however, as Lisa ended up being rushed to hospital after an enormous abscess in her mouth exploded.

A pal told The Sun Online: “Lisa was rushed to hospital during a day out at the beach in Thailand.

The 50-year-old spent Boxing Day clearing up after throwing a wild bash in her temporary accommodation

“She had a large abscess in her mouth which burst suddenly.

“Lisa collapsed and an ambulance was called. She was absolutely terrified.

“She’s still got a lot of swelling but is on the mend.”

Last week Lisa spoke exclusively to The Sun Online about her rollercoaster year and admitted she reached rock bottom after losing her job and being forced to live in a tree house.

The 50-year-old was still in the festive spirit and wore a Santa hat as she took to sorting out the mess

She explained: “I’d wait for the Richmond sausages to be reduced. They’d be reduced to 2p.

“I was going to the pound shop and the Oxfam charity shop for clothes and I went to food banks too… and would get a few carrier bags including Cup-a-Soups, Pot Noodles, tins of tuna and things that are easy to make and just need boiling water.”

Lisa has managed to turn her life around and is now living back in temporary accommodation.

She also revealed the support of her friends and family had kept her going through the hard times.

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